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Walmart Spark Reviewer Sampling Program

$30.00 per unit
1 – 50$30.00
51 – 100$25.00
101 – 150$20.00
151 +$15.00


More reviews lead to more purchases. A single review can make a difference, with 1 review leading to a 10% lift in orders. Each additional review increases lift, with 50 reviews resulting in a 30% lift in orders.

For Sampling, we recommend 10-50 units per SKU as a great starting quantity to improve your review coverage.

Consider your ultimate review collection goal when deciding on your unit count per SKU:
• Collecting reviews for new release products
• Increasing review count or improving star rating for existing or low review products
• Increasing review count to be competitive within a product category
• Refreshing reviews for seasonal products

Note: Units are non-refundable and expire 3 months from purchase. Please confirm unit count with your team before purchasing, as we cannot adjust any invoices or honor bulk pricing after the fact.